Unibridge is a pre-designed modular steel bridge system. It is a simple, robust and durable structure suitable for use in emergency situations and as a permanent bridge. Comprising of a minimum number of components the Unibridge can be deployed quickly to site and rapidly erected.

Single lane or multi-lane bridges can be built as single or multi-span bridges in clear spans up to 45m. The bridge is constructed from prefabricated girders either 11.4m or 6m length which are pinned end to end.

The girders are connected transversely with spacers which allows for the installation of a steel deck with anti-skid coating or a concrete deck in-situ.

The prefabricated girders are provided in three different heights (1m, 1.25m and 1.6m). The span and loading dictates which girder to use. The table below is for LM1 loading according to Eurocode.

Bridge length (m) Span between bearings (m) Height of box girder (m)
11,4 10,6 1,0
17,4 16,6 1,0
22,8 22,0 1,0
28,8 28,0 1,25
34,2 33,4 1,25
40,2 39,4 1,6
45,6 44,8 1,6


  • All bridge connections are made with either pins or bolts. There is no on-site welding.
  • Unibridge can be either craned in position or launched across the gap.
  • Unibridge is designed to the Eurocode.
  • The bridge is designed for 100 year design life with a fatigue life of 1,000,000 cycles of the appropriate Eurocode vehicle.
  • Unibridge can be supplied with barriers approved for class H2 according to EN1317.
  • The bridge can be built with an anti-skid coated steel deck or with a concrete deck casted in-situ.
  • Unibridge can be supplied with footwalks on one or both sides.